Flight Instructor Refresher Course - 2-Day Course Syllabus

Please Review This Page Prior to Class:


"Not Your Ordinary FIRC" will be similiar to our 8-week "Do you want to be a flight instructor? ~ Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)" course.  It will be adjusted to fit a two-day 16+ hour schedule from the eight-week course that is offered in Minnesota.

Tentative Conference Agenda & Speakers List
* Subject to change due to availability and class needs.
Click for Word Docx . (agenda in process)

The course textbooks are:

The 2013 FAR - AIM (available online)

The Aviation Instructors Handbook, FAA H-8083-9A 2008  (available in print or online)

The FAA Risk Management Handbook, FAA H-8083-2

**We will have a limited supply of these textbooks on hand for the first 10 who pre-registered, and paid their course tuition fees in advance.  Please email us with any questions.  Course payment information may be found at this link.

FIRC Pre-Class Paperwork


Please complete a paper 8710-1 form and bring with you to the class. We will be going over the electronic Integrated Airmen Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) program and how to complete this form in class. Having a pre-filled paper version will help speed this process up. If you have not used IACRA before, you will need to first create a (free) user name. Be sure to write your email address, username and FAA Tracking Number (FTN) number in your logbook. This will never change. Make your password something you can remember.

Here is the link to the IACRA web site: https://iacra.faa.gov/iacra/faq.aspx  It is very important that you do this, and are familiar with IACRA prior to class.  The FAA is trying to get away from paper, and will be making all forms electronic when possible.

Please complete your annual Transportation Security Agency (TSA) Flight School Security Awareness (FSSA) Training prior to class.  Here is the link: http://download.tsa.dhs.gov/fssa/training/ 

The TSA web site has been having issues this week, an alternate source is AOPA http://flash.aopa.org/asf/gasecurity/gasecurity.cfm and http://www.aopa.org/tsa_rule/ .


Pre-Class Homework


Please bring with you an article or news story on Flight Instruction, Aeronautical decision making, or questionable judgement that you would like to share and discuss with the class. It could be on current aviation events, a new (or old) instruction idea, or something fun.

Please bring with you your (written) personal minimums that you enforce with your student pilots. Weather, equipment, and human flight safety and proficiency requirements.

Identification to Bring to Class


We are required to check your identification as a requirement to provide you with a Flight Instructor Refresher Course graduation certificate.  Please bring with you the following:

1) A current, unexpired, government issued photo-I.D.  This could be a U.S. Passport, Military I.D., or State Driver's License.

2) Your current, unexpired, Flight or Ground Instructor Certificates.


Pay Your Course Tuition


We have several payment options available for you to pay your course tuition.  For those who register and pre-pay their tuition at least 45 days in advance, our FIRC tuition is discounted $ 50 from $ 239 to $ 189!   Registration and payment made at the door is $ 239.

We will provide one FREE textbook to each of the first 10 students who pre-register and pay their course tuition in advance. 

Click this link to pay electronically by Credit Card, PayPal, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your checking account.  If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please email us for instructions.