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March 6, 2014 The Federal Aviation Administration has again validated the Flight Instructor Refresher Course offered by Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training for another two years. This renewal followed an extensive review of the course materials, and the qualifications of the instructors presenting the classes.

The March 2013 issue of Mentor magazine from the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) carries a cover article from Scott Johnson, Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training. We encourage all flight instructors to join, and contribute, to NAFI and the professional development of others.

Read the article here.


February 15, 2013  The Federal Aviation Administrion has appointed Scott D. Johnson of Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training, LLC to be an Airman Certification Representative (ACR).  As an ACR Scott Johnson will be able to approve Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) renewals upon completion of Stick-n-Rudder Flight Trainings' FAA approved Flight Instructor Renewal Course (FIRC).  The Certificate of Designation from the FAA reads, in part:  "Reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity, diligence, and discretion of Scott D. Johnson who has been found to have the necessary knowledge, skill, experience, interest, and impartial judgment to merit special public responsibility... is designated to be an Airman Certification Representative."

January 10, 2013   The Federal Aviation Administration's Minneapolis Flight Standards District Office announced that Paul Van Brunt, CFI, CFII is the 2013 FAA Flight Instructor of the Year for Minnesota.  Paul has been an instructor and mentor to the students, and flight instructors, at Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training, LLC since 2007.  He is very active in the Civil Air Patrol, and had a 100% pass rate with six students passing their Private Pilot Practical Exam last year on their first attempt.  This award marks the third year in a row that a member of the Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training, LLC team has earned a major FAA award. We are very proud of his accomplisments!



April 19, 2012  The City Council for Eagan MN has appointed Scott D. Johnson to a two-year term on the Airport Relations Commission.  The commission serves to advise the Mayor and City Council on airport issues relating to aviation business, noise, and aviation regulatory issues and current events.


January 5, 2012  The Federal Aviation Administration's Minneapolis Flight Standards District Office announced that Tyra J. Cerny CFI, AGI, IGI is the 2012 FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year for Minnesota.  Tyra has been a frequent presenter at safety meetings for the CFI/DPE Wings Flight Instructor Refresher Course for the past several years in Duluth, Rochester, and Saint Paul.  Pcitured with Tyra is Alan Hoffert, FAA and Woody Minar, CFI of the Year Great Lakes Region.  This award makes two years in a row that a Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training, LLC instructor has earned a major FAA award.

December 13, 2011 After more than a year of review and revisions, the FAA has approved the Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training, LLC "Flight Instructor Refresher Course". We are now a Nationally Scheduled FAA Approved, Industry Conducted Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) provider. We are very proud of this designation, as there are only a handfull of Flight Schools/Instructors that have earned this privilege. Classes are forming now!

August 6, 2011 Scott Johnson recently completed a three week International Air Cadet Exchange program as an escort in the Netherlands. There were 30 aviation minded cadets (teens) from 15 different countries along with their hosts and escorts that toured several military bases, aviation institutions, and historical sites in Europe. The IACE has conducted goodwill exchanges since 1946 and promotes aviation and understanding through youth mentoring programs. Below is Scott Johnson, CFI training at KLM Airlines in a Boeing 777 full motion flight simulator. Additional photos available on Facebook.

May 6, 2011 Scott Johnson, Chief Pilot for Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training will be the guest of Peter McClellan on Business Radio KYCR AM 1570 4 - 5 PM CST. Learn about what is happening in the world of flight training and how you can become a licensed pilot. Listen live, on the Internet, or anytime via the recorded Podcast.

April 30, 2011

Alan Hoffert of the Minneapolis, Great Lakes 15, FAA office presented the 2011 Minnesota Flight Instructor of the Year Award to John Biancini of Exclusive Aviation in Saint Paul MN (KSTP).

The award for the Minnesota FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year Award, and also the award for the Great Lakes Region, was presented to Scott Johnson of Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training of South Saint Paul, MN (KSGS).

These awards were presented to the flight instructors in recognition of their work in promoting flight training and aviation safety. Pictured below are Alan Hoffert, Tyra Cerny, Scott Johnson, and John Biancini.