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  • RENTERS  Flying Rented Aircraft? Avemco® has coverages designed especially for you. Click on the link below and visit Avemco's website to learn more or buy online today.

Aircraft Owners Insurance

  • OWNERS  Need Insurance for Your Airplane or One You Are Planning to Buy? Avemco® has coverages designed especially for you. Click on the Avemco link below and learn more or submit your quote request today.

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Clothing Store



Order your Stick-n-Rudder custom logo clothing online!

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Fly and look as good as the clothes you wear.

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We realize that keeping expenses in check for student pilots is a priority.  We always strive to make certain that our customers get the most for their education dollars.  We have reviewed many different training courses and products. We have found these publishers to be the best blend of price, product, and performance.  You may purchase from the vender of your choice, or, we can order them for you (often times we can get a small discount or free shipping for you).

Many of our course textbooks may be found online via electronic copies ~ free ~ from the FAA.  This is fine for a temporary viewing, but we strongly urge you to purchase a hard copy for your own aviation library.  As you read (and reread) these books, mark them up, write your own notes in the margins, and highlight with bold yellow markers those important points.  Make your study time more meaningful by making it a physical and mentally active process.

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Current Year FAR/AIM Free Online ASA Hardcopy $ 15

Aviation Instructor's Handbook, FAA-H-8083-9A Free Online Hardcopy $ 20

Risk Management Handbook, FAA-H-8083-2 Free Online Hardcopy $ 20

Optional Course Materials:
ASA DVD & Book Combination
Flight Instructor Ground School $ 125 

Gleim CFI Online Ground School & Books $ 175 

ASA Commercial and CFI Practical Exam Oral Guides
Practical Test Standards booklet or Free FAA Download

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We also accept credit cards via Pay-Pal for a 3% Service Fee.

Email Scott@SticknRudder.com with any questions.

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